Fanshaw & Crudnut

Duration: 26 x 30' or 52 x 12' + 1 x 90'
Production Company: Beyond and Blue Rocket Productions
Broadcaster: Nine Network (Australia)
Distributor: Beyond Rights

In space, no one can hear you bickering!

Hilarious animation series Fanshaw & Crudnut charts the lives of two badly behaved, childish, bickering slugs from outer space. They are on a mission to boldly go where no slug with half an ounce of common sense has ever been before. As royal lackeys in the court of Princess Vial, a self-centered, spoilt princess slug who rules a second-rate galaxy, they are supposed to attend to her every whim. Unfortunately, they mostly fail and annoy the princess. They are their own worst enemies and manage to turn even the simplest of chores into the biggest disaster, stupidest argument or both! For Fanshaw & Crudnut it’s nearly always a lose-lose situation.