Duration: 52 x 11'
Production Company: Blue Rocket Beyond
Broadcaster: Nine Network (Australia)
Distributor: Beyond Rights

Three foolhardy robots attempt to save the world – with varying results!

In a world populated entirely by robots, the Dumbotz – three hopelessly inept and foolhardy robots, Houston, L-VIZ and Thunderbolt – are called upon by the mayor of Lower Dumpton to save their world from all sorts of things that worlds need saving from. Despite being a forgotten town off a B-road ramp, trouble seems to happen with alarming regularity. The whole town must be accident-prone or something! Lower Dumpton has long passed its moment of glory – if it ever had one. It’s a forgotten relic in the desert that barely warrants an exit sign from the distant highway. The Dumbotz might be old tech and past their use-by-date but their boundless enthusiasm makes up for it. They are going to save everyone from everything, whether they like it or not, and against all odds and sometimes despite themselves, they succeed.