What’s Good For You

Duration: TBC
Broadcaster: Nine Network (Australia)
Distributor: Beyond Rights

Putting old wives’ tales to the test

Have you ever wondered if those old wives’ tales your mother used to tell you are really true? Things like: ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, ‘eating carrots will make you see better in the dark’ and ‘going for a swim after you have eaten will give you a cramp’. Well, the answers to all those questions and more are revealed in What’s Good for You.

In each episode, host Sigrid Thornton and reporters Dr Andrew Rochford, Michael Slater and Leila McKinnon put a series of old wives’ tales to the test. For example, in one episode, we discover if eating too many sweets makes your kids hyper, if jogging on concrete damages your knees, the best cure for a hangover and the most effective treatment for painful insect stings.