Love Undercover

Duration: 10 x 60
Year of Production: 2024
Production Company: Beyond Productions
Broadcaster: Peacock

5 international soccer stars go undercover in LA to find love for who they are, not what they have.

Love Undercover premieres on Thursday, May 9, on Peacock

Today’s athletes are mega stars with extreme wealth, adoring fans and lavish lifestyles. But fame and fortune can come at a price. For these five soccer stars, finding someone who loves them for who they truly are, not what they have, is harder than going pro. So, they’ve decided to leave it all behind for the one place on earth that truly values what’s on the inside: LA. In this modern-day fairytale meets buddy comedy, 5 international soccer stars travel to America in hopes of finding true love with women unsuspecting of their status. The ballers quickly learn that here at Players HQ, the women have possession and egos get bruised as our ballers find that without soccer, it’s harder to score. If they find true love, they must reveal their identity to their partner. Will the women welcome the spotlight, or will it blow the match?