The Invisibles

Duration: 6 x 60'
Production Company: Beyond Productions
Broadcaster: National Geographic (US & Latin America), SBS (Australia), TV2 (Norway)
Distributor: Beyond Rights and ZDF Enterprises

The epic, untold story of the new generation of cocaine moguls

The Invisibles is a series of self-contained episodes that traces the stunning rise of the new generation of drug czars. At the heart of each episode is a key Invisible; together, their stories paint an evolving picture of adaptation and innovation. There’s Don Berna, Escobar’s little known successor who changed the rules of the game and created the conditions for the rise of the Invisibles; Otto Herrera, a middle-class kingpin from Guatemala who built an empire stretching from Medellin to Mexico; Don Lucho, “the world’s biggest drug dealer that no one has ever heard of”; Alias Alex, a shadowy figure who sent 500 kilos of cocaine on a luxury private jet directly to London; and Paul Leroux, the Australian genius behind the world’s most revolutionary criminal enterprise. Finally, we investigate the ultimate Invisible, “The Ghost”, an ex-Paramilitary leader and drug czar who slipped away from Colombia to Spain and who has now been tracked down and exposed.