Facing Evil

Duration: 5 series: 36 x 30'
Production Company: Beyond Productions
Broadcaster: Investigation Discovery (US)
Distributor: Beyond Rights

Killers share their side of the story

Candice DeLong, former FBI agent, goes behind prison walls to interview some of the world’s most notorious killers. In candid one-on-one interviews, DeLong gives these men and women a unique opportunity to tell their side of the story. Some reveal their innermost secrets of how and why they became killers, and others adamantly plead innocence. These interviews are confrontational, emotional and, above all, compelling. Does a lifetime of horrific abuse justify the ultimate revenge? What turns a hard-working nurse into a serial killer? How can a man be found guilty when so much forensic evidence points to his innocence? Candice explores all this and more, taking viewers deep inside the minds of these convicted killers. Will you believe the tales that the jury wouldn’t?