The Musical Mind: A Portrait in Process

Duration: 1 x 90 mins
Year of Production: 2023
Production Company: Beyond May30 Entertainment
Distributor: Banijay Rights

a KERRY HEYSEN production


A glimpse into the private worlds and elite musical processes of four superstar musicians, brought together through their connection with the blockbuster movie Shine and its director Scott Hicks.

We meet international rock star Daniel Johns, one of Australia’s greatest musical talents. Accessing his subconscious, he escapes the chaos of existence in his musical discoveries.

American rock maestro Ben Folds finds inspiration in everyday fragments, weaving complex arrangements with a symphony orchestra, while classical pianist Simon Tedeschi surprises us with the athletic physicality that a nine-foot Steinway concert grand demands.

Threaded throughout is David Helfgott whose story inspired Shine, his love of water reflecting the fluidity of his playing that he shares with the next generation of emerging musicians.

These four enormous talents are interwoven by portraits, created on camera, by renowned artist Loribelle Spirovski. A celebration of the individuality of the creative brain, The Musical Mind explores the remarkable ability of four extraordinary musicians to channel their unique instincts and individual neurodiversity into sublime musical creations, unlocking profound emotion through the borderless language of music.

The Musical Mind: A portrait in process world premiere was at the 2023 Adelaide Film Festival. Released theatrically in Australian cinemas from 23 November 2023