Right Here Right Now

Duration: 1 x 90'
Year of Production: 2022
Production Company: BeyondTNC and BMG Films

This remarkable new feature documentary takes us back to 2002 and an extraordinary moment in time, when social and cultural history reached a crossroads. The Big Beach Boutique 2 was a UK rave event, with the iconic Fatboy Slim as DJ. Forty thousand ravers were expected on the beach in Brighton that day, but more than a quarter of a million turned up, and the event made history – both good and bad.

Now, 20 years on, this film tells the story of the people and the event through moving interviews (including Fatboy Slim), exhilarating archive and visual alchemy. But it’s also about hedonistic times and the last hurrah of the rave movement before it ascended from the underground to the mainstream. It also explores a darker side through the disobedience, disorganisation, danger and jeopardy around the rave – and the slightly weird turn- of-the-century pop politics in play. This momentous event defined a generation. It changed lives and the course of cultural history. It’s unlikely to ever happen again.