Manny Lewis

Duration: 1 x 90'
Production Company: Beyond Entertainment Scripted
Broadcaster: Seven Network (Australia)
Distributor: Beyond Rights

Can a successful comedian make himself happy?

In this feel-good comedy-drama, successful comic Manny Lewis (Carl Barron, The Footy Show, Carl Barron Live) finds himself at the height of his popularity, and at the depths of his loneliness. Disenchanted with his life and with himself, he focuses on his career and making others happy. After meeting the beautiful and complex Maria (Leeanna Walsman, Wentworth, One Perfect Day), Manny sees he may have a chance of falling in love, but first he must confront his past, heal his relationship with his father, and learn to love himself. With his fame soon skyrocketing and the temptation of overseas riches in America beckoning, Manny must choose between taking a risk on love, or retreating to the confines of his lonely but now lucrative career. Also starring Roy Billing (Underbelly, Rabbit-Proof Fence) and Damien Garvey (Terra Nova, Rake).